Happy New Year – 2014!

Happy New Year, all! I hope 2014 brings you everything that you wish for…

As for me, I’m putting the finishing touches to my latest novel. It has been three years in the making and is approximately 200,000 words in length. Yes, this one has been a long road and I’m looking forward to the day it goes ‘live.’ Check back at the end of the month!

Amy Skylar, meanwhile, has been busy on another adventure. I’ve received quite a few emails from Sand and Magic readers asking ‘what happens next?’ Quite a lot, is the answer! We’re talking more action, more racing, more explosions. Just more. And there’s more from Bill Skylar, too, when his mysterious past comes to light. All coming soon in the next Amy Skylar Adventure! Stay tuned…


Pádraic Delaney – an actor’s point of view.

The acclaimed actor, Pádraic Delaney, who starred in such movies as The Wind That Shakes the Barley and Blackthorn, as well as the smash-hit Showtime television series, The Tudors, recently took the time to read On the Road to Winterhaven.

Pádraic Delaney
Pádraic Delaney

Here’s what Pádraic had to say:

“To say that this book is a good old fashioned story is not to do it a disservice, but the opposite; too many contemporary writers try too hard to be clever and love the sound of their own voices via their characters or narrative and as a result, the story gets lost. Geoff Nolan avoids this by serving the storyline first and foremost and so gives us a rich fable with characters we care about and a strong moral message that we can all learn from. In the age of the internet and social networking and at a time when we’re all in such a hurry to get rich and get to our graves, it’s a pleasure to be transported back to Winterhaven where life moves at a simpler pace and true core values exist. Would thoroughly recommend On the Road to Winterhaven to anyone.”

It was a real pleasure to have Pádraic read the novel and I’m absolutely thrilled with his verdict!

Pádraic’s next movie, Dark Touch, will be released later this year.

It’s the little things that count…

After some toing and froing, On the Road to Winterhaven finally has a book cover at Barnes and Noble. For some reason, it was lost in transit and the book was cover-less for the last month or so. Which takes some doing given that it’s an ebook. However, the cover is now firmly in place and the people over at B&N were very helpful. Thanks guys!


If anyone has a B&N ‘Nook,’ how does it compare to the Amazon Kindle? Let me know!

Goodreads, Alistair MacLean and sorry I was in the wrong place.

One of the first authors I became aware of in life was Alistair MacLean. My father was – and remains – an avid reader of MacLean. And so, as I grew up, the sight of a worn-out AM book was a familiar one. A particularly battered copy of Where Eagles Dare comes to mind. I was always entranced by the snow-covered scenery, the cable-car and an exasperated-looking Richard Burton on the cover!

Where Eagles Dare (Amazon.co.uk)

This book, therefore, became a childhood favourite, along with many others by Alistair MacLean, Desmond Bagley and Hammond Innes to name but a few. As I continued through school in the eighties and nineties, I was surprised to find that few of my friends seemed to know who Alistair MacLean was, for his most successful years were in the sixties. By 1987, he was dead.

In my final years at school, I found a copy of Bear Island in my school library. It was dusty and battered – like all the AM books we had at home. As my friends talked about a new writer named John Grisham, I settled into Bear Island. I’m sure it still rests in the library. Dusty and battered like always. Perhaps a few inquisitive minds have given it a whirl, but, like the author, I suspect that Bear Island has been largely forgotten.

That brings me to today. I joined a website named Goodreads.com. A quick search of Where Eagles Dare brought me to a page with thousands of reviews of Alistair MacLean. It seems that the great author was never forgotten at all. It was I who was in the wrong place.


Subscriber Info

Allo allo,

A friend of mine who is subscribed to GeoffNolan.com just asked me why they have yet to receive any updates. Well, rather than send every post from this site to any subscribers, I will only be sending updates when a new book is released or when a book is ‘free’ somewhere in a promotion. I think we all get enough useless stuff sent to our emails without me adding to it..!

So, in short, subscribers receive useful information only! I guess that’s a subjective thing…Anyway, I hope that clarifies things!


Sand and Magic – another review!

‘Mike 700′ from the UK has read and reviewed Sand and Magic. He gave On the Road to Winterhaven a great review and I’m pleased to hear that he enjoyed Sand and Magic too!

“This story may be short in length, but it is ‘long’ in quality, ‘long’ in style and ‘long’ in interest.

I really did enjoy it, and I am looking forward to the next instalment.

Well worth a read, and must be the bargain of the year, well done
Kindle/Amazon and well done Geoff Nolan.

I thoroughly recommend it .”

Thanks Mike!! If anyone else would like to submit a review for Sand and Magic, you can do so here!

Sand and Magic – first review is in!

Sand and Magic has hit the ground running with a 4 star review over at Amazon.co.uk:

“Being fairly new the the wonderful world of e-books it has taken me a little while to adjust. During this adjustment period I have been reading more of the horror genre than anything else. If I am truly honest I would have to say that most of them are dire. Thankfully Sand and Magic has come to the rescue of the short e-book story for me. It starts off with a slight twist on the classically macho world of racing and manages in a short format to include some really rather well described racing scenes which really did drag me into the digital pages so to speak. Without going overboard on the ‘spoiler’ side of things, I loved the race/racing aspects totally but felt the change of heart of ‘the gunman’ a teeny bit schmaltzy but hey, I don’t write do I lol.

Overall a pleasantly different read that would encourage me to read more from the author. Maybe some zombie, post apocalyptic aspects could be brought into the next story. Actually, maybe not.

Well worth a read which kind of sums it all up I think.



My thanks to PBK for a good and honest review!